I have received a number of Reiki treatments from Jane and I have gained immense benefit from each one. She has a gentle, intuitive way of working which always leaves me feeling refreshed and energised. Jane has a wonderful sense of humour and she is really easy to get along with. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a Reiki therapist and teacher.

Olivier Maxted – soundbathhealing.co.uk

Jane is an amazing teacher and therapist. I have just completed my Reiki level 1 & 2 with Jane and it has been the most fantastic experience. Completing the courses over a period of 12 weeks each was so beneficial in being able to absorb the learning and practising between sessions to help it become part of me and really take on the aspects of Reiki and value the experiences that came with it. I think to truly make the most of it is to not rush it and just let it become part of you!

Helen Thompson

When I first started Reiki Level 1 it was initially just as another technique I could use to help animals. However, everything I have learnt, the way I see life now, has changed for the better. I feel that for the rest of my life, no matter what happens, I will always have ways of coping. I feel that I have a stronger connection with nature, with life and although it’s going to take a lifetime to really appreciate, I feel as though Reiki is the piece of the puzzle that had been missing in my life. Thank you Jane, for showing me the way. I know that life’s problems will continue to get in the way from time to time but I also know I will always have a way of getting back on track.

Emma Wigley

I began Level 1 studying on a one to one basis, not really knowing what to expect and thinking I really wanted to do Reiki, but not sure why. Jane was great – kind, thoughtful, understanding and very informative. I learnt how to help myself and understand myself better. I learnt to except and love. I could not wait to do Level 2.
This I did in a group which was fun and supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to each meeting. Jane taught us how to give Reiki to each other and other people. I learnt how to embrace life – I felt more understanding of life and my place in it. I fell in love with Reiki and all it is and stands for. I am looking forward to Reiki 3. Thank you Jane from the heart of my heart, much love Lyn x

Lyn Fearn

Jane is wonderful to receive healing with. She has a lovely caring and loving energy, seems to generate a lot of power and warmth and I found her healing to be powerful and beneficial to me on many levels with the Fibromyalgia/M.E. I have no hesitation in recommending her both for the benefits I received and her warm genuine nature.

Lindy Cowling – lindycowling.co.uk

In May 2010 I was pulled over by my dog and ended up with a badly broken shoulder. After hospital treatment and the usual healing process, I was left with a lot of pain. I asked Jane for Reiki and from that day on I have had no pain and it has healed perfectly.
Janes’ Reiki has also helped to relieve arthritic pain in my back and knees. I would recommend Jane, she has wonderful, gentle healing energy.

Mary Parsley, Cornwall

When Jane got her healing hands on me I’d just had a bereavement. I didn’t realise how much I was holding in until Jane’s reiki skills released the grief in an unfussy, unobtrusive but very tangible way, leaving me relaxed and rebalanced. Jane’s great.

Elizabeth Paine – psychicfayre.co.uk

I first came to Jane when I was at my very lowest, suffering with very bad depression, after a very traumatic 18 months. I had been to my GP whom, along with several friends recommended anti depressants, but I did not believe that to be the answer for me. So I set out on a quest to find a more holistic, natural and spiritual way to find healing. And so one of my paths led to Reiki. And I have never looked back.
Each treatment being a positively unique experience. From the different emotions that I felt as I recovered to the heightened spiritual awareness that I gained, as I rediscovered the person I was and so much more. After recovering from my depression, I chose to carry on with the Reiki Healing sessions, having one once a month.
Being a very active person with old injuries from past sports, Jane has also been able to pick up various problem areas just before they start to become a problem. So I am now able to have the wonderful opportunity to combine Reiki with acupuncture, now and again, as an effective form of pain relief and healing, that is holistic.
Jane has a warmth and a strength that exudes a quiet energy that invites you in, regardless of who you are or what your condition is, be it physical, mental or emotional. Her ability to quickly put you at ease, answer any questions relating to Reiki healing and to listen, is simply amazing.
Due to the amazing and positive journey I have experienced through Reiki Healing, I decided to enrol on a Level 1 Reiki course and I have the great pleasure of saying I have Jane as my teacher and mentor. The course has been fantastic so far and I have already put myself down for Jane’s Level 2 course. I feel it a privilege to have Jane as my teacher and her knowledge, love and passion for this wonderful and ancient healing practice is evident in her teaching as well as her healing ability.
Long may it continue.

Julie Makarewicz

Learning Reiki with Jane was an uplifting and wonderful experience for me. I enjoyed every minute. Jane embodies the essence of Reiki so is inspirational in her teaching.
I feel blessed to have found her and to now be able to share Reiki with others.

Sharon Pellat, Cornwall