A Little About Me

Hello I am Jane Edwards, and I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. I teach Reiki in Cornwall and Devon but also further afield when I have the pleasure of being invited to.

I trained at St. Austell College, Cornwall. Each level of Reiki took 12 weeks (evening class) to complete. It gave me the time to embrace and absorb Reiki, and to understand how to work with different energies, and my own awareness. At the time this was perfect for me as I was going through a particularly challenging time in my life, and for some time I believed the slower path was the way to go, and for me it was. However, when I finally got myself out of the way, I realised that for some people a 12 week course was just not viable with the pace of life many lead nowadays.

I am really passionate about assisting people to find their own empowerment through the Reiki journey, so they experience everything they need to for themselves, and they can continue to use Reiki as a part of everyday life. Therefore I realised that by offering a shorter but more intensive course as well, people would still be learning Reiki and it would be shared rather than not.

So I trialled a three day intensive course with a couple of lovely ladies, who were delighted how it worked for them, and fitted in to their busy lives. I like to run two days together, with the third day about a month later. I wanted to give people time to go away and practice and embrace the Reiki. To process everything that had happened for them and to give them the space to come back and ask any questions, have discussions and more practice. I have found this works really well, and the majority of people sign up for this way to experience Reiki now.

I also share a version of Reiki which incorporates sound healing, called Sabda Reiki. This has also been an interesting journey, and has been with me for a few years now. I have been sharing it with friends and students with wonderful outcomes and so the time now feels right to share it further afield, which is very exciting!

I also have the pleasure in running retreats, Reiki shares and meditation groups, and I am finally training to be a counsellor, having found the right environment and teacher.

I was told on the first evening of my Reiki training that Reiki would change my life, and I can say now that it absolutely has but only for the better. I have the privilege of being able to help people and make a difference through this wonderful healing energy force.

If you feel you are ready and would like to invite Reiki into your life, whether as a client for a Reiki treatment or as a student to learn Reiki for yourself, or you may like to know more about Sabda Reiki or Retreats please contact me, I look forward to meeting you.


Member of the UK Reiki Federation.
Fully Qualified & Insured
CRB Checked